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congratulations& Welcome to

The 13 Week Mission to Becoming Unstoppable

Firstly, let me just say how excited I am to share this journey with you as you set out on your own 13 Week Mission to Becoming Unstoppable!


Your order is on its way to being processed by our systems with an email receipt being sent to you which will appear in your inbox shortly confirming all your order details.


Please allow a few hours for this email to arrive, as sometimes the internet can be a little slow & tricky. If it appears to have gone missing, however, check out our simple troubleshooting steps below.


You will also receive an email with your unique login details to access your online course dashboard.


The email will arrive from Becoming Unstoppable | Ben Angel <support@benangel.co> so keep your eye out for it soon.


If you do have any other questions at all, about your order, the content, any missing lessons or what I’ve been up to lately, just email support@benangel.co and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.






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getTing started

It's as easy as ...

step 1

Check your inbox for an email from the address Becoming Unstoppable | Ben Angel <support@benangel.co> with the subject 'Your New Account Details'. This contains your new unique log in details to give you access to your brand new online course.

step 2

Follow the link to the course dashboard at https://becomingunstoppable.mykajabi.com to log in and get started straight away. If you already have a log in for this online course platform you can jump in when ever you like to get started immediately.


step 3

Once you're logged, in click on the course named The 13 Week Mission to Becoming Unstoppable from your Library to get started with my special introduction video & all the resources you need to begin Week 1... EASY!


If you're having any issues with your order or getting started, check out these handy tips first...

  • Check all your inbox folders including junk, spam & promotions. Some email clients can be a little overly cautious with new email addresses and some just like to put things in weird & random places. 


  • Make sure you're checking the right email address. If you have more than one email, make sure you're checking the right inbox. Also, if the email was entered into the order form incorrectly the system will still be attempting to send it here.


  • If you don't find your email immediately in your inbox, don't stress. Sometimes the internet is a little glitchy & slow, but rest assured your order has still been captured. Occasionally it can take a little longer for some systems to process all the information and deliver the relevant information. If this is the case just allow up to 3 hours for these emails to be delivered including your order payment receipt. So sit tight and maybe go grab yourself a coffee or have a little power nap.


  • Be sure to add info@benangel.co to your safe sender's list as well as your contacts, to make sure you continue to receive all the relevent updates regarding your course as well as any great content & resources we may send in the future. 


  • If you’re using Gmail also check your Promotions Tab as Gmail likes to hide things there too. If you do find me in there, manually drag the email out of the promotions tab to let them know that this is important information to you. You might even find it handy to have a ‘Ben Angel’ folder set up and once you’ve read the email, drag it across to there to keep it safe so you can refer back to it in the future.  


  • If you've previously registered with one of our other online courses, you may find that they are not inside this new dashboard. This is due to some changes in the business & its structure. Moving forward this will be the go to dashboard for all our future courses still supported by the business. If you have any questions, be sure to contact support for further information.


  •  Keep your login details somewhere safe and have them handy so you can refer to this content time and time again.


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