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If you're constantly getting distracted, unable to focus or concentrate & get tasks done on time, listen very closely because bestselling author, Ben Angel, is going to share a revolutionary BRAND NEW brain training & productivity course that's based on neuroscience, psychology & biohacking. Join thousands of others who are getting "Fired Up & Focused" today. 





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Finally, achieve the focus & concentration of the worlds peak performers

Introducing a groundbreaking, new, first of its kind productivity course based on biohacking techniques designed to reprogram your mind & get you FIRED UP & FOCUSED in no time. 

... struggling to maintain focus, you're putting off tasks, making excuses & wasting countless hours on social media & busy work that isn' going to see you achieve your goals.

Frustrated by productivity tips you've applied that still see you failing to complete tasks & meet that critical deadlines that will see you dreams become reality.

Becoming overwhelmed with the anxiety, stress & fear that your watching your time wasting away, your life passing you by & watching others achieve exactly what you've been chasing. 

Constantly falling short of your goals has begun triggering feelings of resentment towards ambition & the belief that you're simply not enough 

It's now time to learn the hidden science of focus, concentration & how to achieve more in the next 30 days than in the past 3 months based on neuroscience, psychology & biohacking strategies in this fully immersive 30 day productivity course that will leave you speechless & ready to take on any challenge the world throws at you or goal you set. 

It's time to get Fired Up & Focused on achieving more & becoming the powerfully productive version of yourself. 

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With data from over 50,000 surveys, we understand the struggles holding you back from achieving your goals 

After reviewing more than 50,000 results from our survey, the data was unbelievable. More than 74% of those surveyed regularly suffered from brain fog and admitted to being procrastinators, while only 38% had the ability to maintain focus for extended periods of time. More disturbing was that only 50% had the motivation to chase their goals to mention that only 40% of these people even felt they had a clear direction in their life. This lack of motivation & direction, along with often debilitating brain fog & procrastination is the perfect storm that will undo any best-intentioned goals, leaving even the most eager feeling defeated before they even begin.

But it doesn't have to be this way!

That's why in this detailed program we've pulled the most relevant strategies & processes backed by research into the latest neuroscience &  psychology breakthroughs to shed a light on the real reason for your failing focus & how to retrain your mind for maximum productivity 




Discover why Ben's groundbreaking new peak performance strategies are recommended by psychiatrists, doctors, & even an NFL player

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"Ben Angel's thought-provoking journey into his own brain & psyche is a compelling read for anyone looking to achieve their goals & dream big. "Unstoppable" explores the complex interaction between mind & body & offers tools to support you in becoming the best version of yourself."

Psychiatrist & ICF Certified Coach

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"Take charge of your life & use this book as the catalyst to your success. Unafraid & unrelenting, Unstoppable is a guide to reaching your peak. With actionable steps, new-age techniques & a real-world journey to follow, Ben Angel is about to open your eyes."

3 x World Champion, 2 x Olympic Skier, Former NFL Player



"When we look at successful people, we usually look at their habits - their behaviours, their day-to-today rituals, their dedication. But what about the mind? Ben Angel hits this idea head-on in "Unstoppable," tackling peak performance goals with biohacking strategies that will blow your mind."

Founder of BNI & New York Times Bestselling Author


Discover how to retrain your brain to achieve unbeatable focus, concentration & drive so you achieve more in less time, with greater ease, as well as; 

Uncover the root causes of an inability to focus & achieve your big hairy audacious goals

How to regulate your energy throughout the day so the mid-afternoon slump doesn't hold you back

Learn why sleep deprivation is destroying your ability to regulate your emotions & concentrate & what to do about it

 How to destroy brain fog & fatigue blunting your brain's ability to fine-tune your focus & get more done

Discover how to apply the "Mental Rehearsal Technique" so you can see your goals coming to life with ease

How to retrain your brain using binaural beats & proven biohacking strategies that will have you perform at your peak

Implement the same productivity strategies praised by a former ABC TV executive & Harvard graduate in public health 

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"If you're running on determination alone yet running in place or sliding backward, this book is your meaty, eye-opening, & well-researched guide to hacking your brain & your life to launch yourself forward. Ben shares his personal & dedicated journey, leading us to a detailed blueprint on how to hack our own brains to become Unstoppable."

Former ABC Television Executive, Cofounder of AccentHealth, Alzheimer's Association Legislative Advocate



"Unstoppable is a must-read. This unique book dives into how fatigue & brain fog can halt your success, why the willpower argument provides endless guilt rather than results, how to tailor your body to target both well-being & wealth, & how to safely & naturally biohack your body & brain for a greater life. I've not read anything else that gets to the heart of what Ben shares." 

International author, PCOS expert, Chiropractor, Nutritionist and experienced clinician

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"I highly recommend this book not as information on alternative treatments but as the basis of future discussions on the conditions of your wellbeing with your healthcare provider, so you can look for the right assessments, treatment & professionals that will help you become the productive & happy person you deserve to be."

Physician, MD, MPH, Harvard Graduate in Public Health, Trained Physician, High Performance Coach

Discover your "Focus Score" & how to reprogram your mind & fine-tune that focus while saying goodbye to the fear, stress & overwhelm holding you back 

We're living a world where we're forced to work from home & manage our own focus & productivity. But how?


Having unstoppable focus, drive & energy is no accident and if you're not used to the pressures of having to maintain this in yourself, stress, anxiety & overwhelm creep in, stopping you in your tracks.


Picture a version of yourself that is powerfully productive, driven & in charge of your day & life. Someone with complete control of their day, smashing their goals & can taking on any challenge that life throws at them with effortless ease. Imagine completing tasks & projects on your own by finally understanding the real science of what triggers your procrastination, excuses & overwhelm. 

Just think about what you could finally achieve if you just knew how to retrain your brain to focus... unimpeded by distractions, self-doubt & negativity. 

Well, the great news is you can & it’s within reach more than you’ve realized & now, there’s a groundbreaking opportunity to join thousands internationally who are finally learning how to reboot, retrain & reactivate their brains to their full potential.

You're not only going to get access to revolutionary information that will transform how you get things done, you'll walk away with the confidence, courage & conviction knowing you'll be able to achieve any goal you set for yourself in business or in life.



Here's what a celebrity health expert, functional nutritionist & business thought leader have to say about Ben's strategies 

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"Get ready to dive in & rethink everything you've ever heard about health & habits for success! This book will transform your life in a super short amount of time. It's an essential read for anyone wanting to excel in all areas of life."

Celebrity Health Expert & Functional Medicine Nurse

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"This is an essential read for not only entrepreneurs but anyone who is driven to achieve their goals and dream big. Unstoppable is a deep-dive into the human psyche that gives us the tools we need to crush negativity and manifest the best version of ourselves." 

Nurse Practitioner, Functional Nutritionist & Thought Leader

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"Get out of your vicious cycle of depression, fatigue, burnout - whatever is holding you back. Unstoppable is packed with inspiring storytelling, motivational boosts, and practical strategies to overcome your mental barriers and conquer more than you ever dreamed!

Author of Cadence: A Tale Of Fast Business Growth



Get more done in less time & less frustration as you train your brain to be powerfully productive with Fired Up & Focused

You'll dive into the world of productivity & personal accountability with our unique & Unstoppable approach utilizing the best of neuroscience, NLP & biohacking


Access the course content anytime & anywhere to make your life easier. You get one FULL years access as an added bonus, which means you get free access to any training updates as the year unfolds & you master mindset.


Overwhelmed at the thought of achieving more in life & becoming powerfully productive? Don't be! Fired Up & Focused is designed in a way that's easy to digest & easy-to-apply, so you can achieve peak performance fast.


You'll be excited to see that you not only have access to high-quality video lessons, but downloadable worksheets & other resources for you to maximize your results in no time.


The easy to navigate platform & mobile app is full of short, sharp & straight to the point lessons to consume & immediately start implementing the same day. Making it easy for busy people, even on the go.


You'll feel right at home knowing each comprehensive lesson & module builds upon the next, which means you won't get overwhelmed trying to learn everything at once.


We make powerful productivity even easier to achieve by giving you the tools you need to make lasting changes in your life so you quickly increase your energy & enter the "zone."


Develop laser-like focus & concentration to power through even the most complex tasks & projects with the confidence, courage & conviction to succeed!

Increasing your energy, achieving laser-like focus & achieving more in less time than ever before doesn't have to be hard, you just need a proven productivity system.


Get access to your comprehensive planning tools, self-assessments & fast track biohacking factsheets that are going to improve your energy, focus & concentration FASTER & EASIER than ever before.

Based on groundbreaking research, this program, unlike anything you've ever seen before, will help you obliterate fear, overwhelm, self-doubt & procrastination, holding you back from achieving your goals in less time than ever before. 

Here's how the Fired Up & Focused Plan Works

You'll learn, step by simple step how to get fired up, fine-tune your focus & get into the elusive 'zone', where everything flows allowing you to achieve more in less time. 


You'll get access to online lessons & resources based on the latest groundbreaking research into the science of success that will have you increasing your energy, retraining your brain & fine-tuning your focus.


Start actioning the strategies & activities that will transform your life. From daily visualization to prime your mind for success, mental rehearsal techniques to break old patterns & fears  & plan to get more done with planners & processes to hack your productivity.


Use the weekly worksheets to track your progress & ensure you're implementing each important strategy to see you stay laser-focused on your goals & become the powerfully productive version of yourself your goals have been looking for.

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Fired Up & Focused takes its cue from the Award Winning Book, Unstoppable. But who's the man behind the pages?

Hi! I’m Ben Angel, bestselling author of 3 game-changing business, personal development & marketing books. I’m a VIP contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine in the U.S. who are followed by 13 million social media fans, 3 million monthly magazine readers & 63 million monthly website visitors. For over 15 years, I have worked in the personal development industry & have educated over 30,000 entrepreneurs online through my bestselling online marketing courses.

In March of 2017, I became severely depressed. I was experiencing severe brain fog & fatigue & it didn’t matter how much personal development work I did, it never stuck. I had enough of the misinformation & watching people suffer, so I went on an extraordinary 90-day mission to biohack my mind & body back to health. I traveled the world to interview the top neuroscientists, psychologists, doctors & biohackers & what I found was staggering.


The result, my now bestselling book "Unstoppable" that's sold over 60,000 copies and winner of the "Best Self-Help Book of The Year" award in The International Book Awards, & my mission to share with others the groundbreaking strategies I uncovered, allowing them live their best lives, free of the B.S. that the self-help industry has been peddling for years.  


Join me as we get Fired Up & Focused together in this transformative 30-day online productivity course.


Now, let me walk you through, in detail, exactly what to expect inside of this groundbreaking productivity program based on biohacking

Get ready to dive in & rethink everything you've ever heard you've ever heard about productivity habits. You'll discover groundbreaking lessons that will change your life for years to come.  Click the module title for the full description.

MODULE 1: Your 30-Day Proven “Fired Up & Focused” Productivity System

We're going to break down the proven 30-Day Productivity System, the same system Ben has used to write 4 x bestselling books within 30-days or less, launch countless successful business projects fast & on time, record hundreds of Youtube videos & manage multiple major projects for various clients. We'll step you through how to use the system, including; how to structure your day for peak performance from morning to night using proven biohacking techniques for peak brain performance, how to “task block” & why it’s crucial to your success, how to plan out your projects to prevent overwhelm & prime your mind for success, free from fear & free from stress. You’ll take on our 30-Day Meditation Challenge in which you’ll discover how to meditate & how just 15 minutes of meditation per day can effectively reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) & retrain your mind to focus for extended periods of time. You’ll kick off the course by downloading bonus worksheets that will help you get organized in no time flat.

MODULE 2: The Biohackers Guide to Retraining, Rebooting & Reactivating Your Mind

Now that you have the system down, it’s time to retrain, reboot & reactivate your brain. Unfortunately, social media is negatively retraining your brain to focus in short bursts of attention, & new world pressures mean we’re constantly flipping between internet browsers & projects without doing any real deep & meaningful work or thinking, preventing us from "entering a zone-like state" that allows you to fine-tune your focus. Which is why, you’re going to learn how to retrain your brain through the use of guided visualizations that use a combination of hypnosis, NLP & binaural beats to tune your brain to a peak performing frequency, how to enter a flow state using natural nootropics that the Silicon Valley Elite have been using for years & how to tame your primal mind, “the ultimate productivity killer” so stress, overwhelm & a distracted mind won’t get in the way of you reaching your goals. You’ll discover how to use “Pattern Interrupts” & “The Blue Dot Technique” to change how you perceive complex tasks that stop you from starting & how to prevent procrastination from ruling & ruining your life. Plus, you’ll learn how to reactivate your creative mind & overcome challenging tasks through the use of binaural beats that change your brainwaves to a more productive state.

MODULE 3: The ULTIMATE Productivity Hack! A Biohackers Guide to Sleep

All New Content! A lack of sleep costs the U.S. approximately $411 billion in lost productivity each year & according to the CDC, 35% of adults don’t get enough sleep each night. The result; brain fog, fatigue, loss of focus, overwhelm, inability to concentrate, loss of emotional control, mood swings, food cravings & hormonal changes that can ruin your life. The personal costs run high, including loss of income, relationships & loss of rational thinking. The problem, typical productivity programs suggest you get enough sleep, but they don’t share with you precisely how based on the latest research. They go wide, but not deep. Which is why, in never before released material, Ben is going to share with you what happens to your brain if your circadian rhythm is thrown out of sync & why this may be causing you to be in an “unfocused & spaced out state” during the day when you need to concentrate the most. You’ll learn how to reboot your circadian rhythm so you can wake up refreshed & ready to go for the day. You’ll also learn about “sleep pressure” & when or when not to ignore it. We’ll explore the key stages of sleep & why a lack of “deep sleep” can cause inflammation on the brain & lead to an easily distracted mind, depression & anxiety. And, why this particular phase of sleep is the most crucial for brain performance & memory consolidation so you don’t get overwhelmed during the day & you can consolidate the previous day's activities. Plus, we’ll dive into unreleased biohacks that will help you get the rest & recovery you need to perform at your best. These little-known hacks will increase your energy throughout the day, prevent the afternoon mental slump impacted by millions & change your life.

MODULE 4: How to Destroy Overwhelm, Self-Doubt & Manage Stress Like a Pro

In the final module, you’re going to discover uncommon triggers that cause overwhelm, anxiety & stress & how nutritional deficiencies, food, toxins & cravings can destroy your ability to focus, as well as mimic psychological disorders, including depression, anxiety & negative looping thoughts, which cause a loss of focus. You’ll be shocked when you learn these specific triggers aren’t caused by how you think, but in fact, cause negative emotional states that destroy productivity & how you see the world. Typical productivity courses blame an inability to focus on a weak mindset. Our research shows it's not the ONLY major factor. In fact, in many incidences, mindset is secondary, biochemistry comes first. Mindset is one key aspect, biochemistry sits just beneath the surface & can cause internal mental chaos when completely ignored. ​We’ll be exploring BOTH so YOU have all bases covered so you can get “Fired Up & Focused in no time.

BONUS VIDEO TUTORIAL: How Affordable Wearable Technology Can Reprogram Your Mind To Get More Done in Less Time With Greater Ease & Less Stress

In this revealing video tutorial, Ben is going to share with you various wearable devices that are revolutionizing the field of “brain training.” You’ll be introduced to devices that cost less than a new mobile phone that will alleviate phobias, fear, overwhelm, tension & self-doubt without the need for therapy or exhaustive mental work. You’ll learn how new technology is changing lives & reprogramming minds that have been unintentionally trained to focus for short periods of time, plus, much, much more. These devices are NOT a required purchase to complete this program, they are an additional tool you can use when you’re ready to ramp things & achieve new levels of success you thought were completely out of your reach.

By joining today you'll not only get instant access to this groundbreaking program but a handful of exciting bonuses to make your journey easier!


In a few short moments you'll have everything you need to increase your energy levels, dial in your focus & become an upgraded version of yourself so you can achieve more in less time

BONUS 1: PDF Planner

A printable version of The Unstoppable Journal Daily Planning Pages


BONUS 2: Visualization

Download & listen to the 10-minute daily "Fired Up & Focused Guided Visualization so you can prime your brain for completing your task list for the day, week, month & year.

BONUS 3: Binaural Beats Downloads

Get access to 2 binaural beat soundtracks that will put you into a peak performance state that you can play in the background when you’re completing important and urgent tasks that require your full attention.

BONUS 4: Video Tutorial

 I’m going to introduce you to the latest in wearable technology that is designed to reduce stress & retrain your brain using biofeedback to help you remain focused, productive & calm for hours on end.  

BONUS 5: Factsheet

We're going to give you a series of easy-to-use & easy-to-understand fact sheets that will help you optimize your sleep, a list of natural, affordable & easy to find nootropics that will increase your energy & get you into the zone & week-to-week downloadable plans for you to use immediately upon beginning.

Join today & try it for 90 days with our ‘TRY IT, TEST, IT, APPLY IT’ Money Back Guarantee

Life's too short to be wondering what could have been. Finally have the energy you need to reach your goals, without self-doubt, self-sabotage or fatigue. 

I want to give you EVERY opportunity to apply the strategies inside Fired Up & Focused so you can put them into action and experience how easy and exciting it can be to increase your energy, focus, and drive. That’s why I’m allowing you a full 30 DAYS to go through the training, keep up with the modules, implement the systems, and feel great.

I'm so confident that this program will see you develop the laser-like focus needed to take on your goals, that if after completing all the lessons & implementing the strategies, you still feel you're lacking the focus, motivation & drive you're seeking, you can get a full refund. It's my way of ensuring you feel confident you've made the right decision to become the most unstoppably productive version of yourself.   


For more details, click here.