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Obliterate Brain Fog, Depression & Bloating Without Wasting Money & Time on Fad Diets, Exhaustive Workouts & Expensive Supplements



They say "we are what we eat". But if that's true, then who are we actually becoming? Introducing a comprehensive, & interactive book that features interviews from experts in gut/brain axis research from MIT, Standford, & Harvard Lifestyle Medicine.

The brand new book from the worldwide bestselling author of Unstoppable, that won 2020 Best Self-Help Book of The Year in The International Book Awards, & has sold over 80,000 copies.

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Unlike any self-help, health or fitness book available to date... 

When you're looking to improve your personal performance, achieve more, gain more focus, and become more productive, we're lead to believe we have to work on our minds, seeking out the self-help gurus for their tips and tricks. Only to fall short, leaving your thinking; 

"Self-help doesn't work, I must be lazy"


And when we're looking to lose weight, look better, and feel healthier, we've been conditioned to seek out the diet & fitness industry and chase the latest fad or craze, only to struggle against your willpower and fight a losing battle with those insatiable cravings.

Leaving you beating yourself up when you inevitably fall off the wagon and feeling defeated when you decide it's all too hard.

The truth is that the answer to both these are intertwined and influenced by an often overlooked part of your body... 



Having struggled with depression, exhaustion, anxiety, and digestive issues myself, and experiencing the change possible with a thriving microbiome, I wanted to dive deeper as well as explore the exciting field of nutritional psychology to help uncover and make way for a new framework of health.


One that's customizable, so we STICK to it and reap the lasting benefits without getting lost in the latest craze.

That's what Mind Control offers, a new frontier in physical & mental health.

Instant Access | 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Yes! It's Possible to Heal Your Gut, Mind, & Mood Quickly! Especially if you're suffering from;


Unexplained weight gain or a constant struggle with their weight


Unexplained and hard to manage mood and mental health concerns


Unproductive, trouble maintaining focus, and poor memory


Constantly tired, fatigued & barely enough energy to get through the day


Struggling with endless colds, allergies and poor general health


The Self-Help, Health & Food Industries Have Failed People For Far Too Long

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The self-help industry makes you feel you're not good enough as it shouts at you to "think better" and "hustle". The health and fitness industry has us hooked on uncovering the next big silver bullet fad. And the food industry has simply been feeding us misinformation in an attempt to have you eat more of what they want us to, regardless of whether it's good for you or not. 

Mind Control has been created different. Armed with endless questions we've sought out & interviewed top minds from MIT, Perdue, Stanford, Harvard Lifestyle Medicine, UT Austin, University of Maryland, University of Western States, Dalhousie University as well as the founders of Thryve & The Gut Institute to uncover the missing link that the other industries brush over or ignore altogether... the gut. 

As a result, we've uncovered a New 4 Part Model of Health, that once implemented, will see you take back control of your body, mind & mood to affect lasting change on your life, as well as your physical and mental health. 

Discover the all research and insights we discovered in this fascinating new book, which takes the journey of the award-winning book Unstoppable to new depths.  

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"Get ready to dive in & rethink everything you've ever heard about health & habits for success! This book will transform your life in a super short amount of time. It's an essential read for anyone wanting to excel in all areas of life."

Celebrity Health Expert & Functional Medicine Nurse

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"This is an essential read for not only entrepreneurs but anyone who is driven to achieve their goals and dream big. Unstoppable is a deep-dive into the human psyche that gives us the tools we need to crush negativity and manifest the best version of ourselves"

Nurse Practitioner, Functional Nutritionist & Thought Leader

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"Get out of your vicious cycle of depression, fatigue, burnout - whatever is holding you back. Unstoppable is packed with inspiring storytelling, motivational boosts, and practical strategies to overcome your mental barriers and conquer more than you ever dreamed!"

Author of Cadence: A Tale Of Fast Business Growth



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Mind Control Takes The Unstoppable Journey Deeper To Explore Even More

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JUST $7.99

Instant Access | 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Mind Control Is Not Your Typical Self-Help or Diet Book, It's The Resource For a New Model Of Health


In fact, it's not a diet at all. Mind Control explores the latest discoveries in the world of the gut microbiome and how what we eat impacts & influences every aspect of our lives. We looked into some of the most popular eating protocols to save you time, and include the guidance you need to find which option works best for YOU, and your unique needs.


There is a sea of 'free' information out there, most of which feels rehashed, recycled and repackaged with a new label on it. I had to make Mind Control different. So I sought out the latest research on both the gut microbiome and nutritional psychology as well as interviewing top specialists and experts in the field from institutions such as MIT, Perdue, Stanford, Harvard Lifestyle Medicine, UT Austin, University of Maryland, University of Western States, Dalhousie University as well as the founders of Thryve & The Gut Institute. 


With over 300 references to studies, research papers, and interviews with leading experts, this is not some pseudoscience gimmick, that promises the world and simply delivers more of the same. Heck, there was so much information to pack in that I had to expand the book by 30% from the original outline, boosting it by 3 additional chapters. And we've still only just scratched the surface!


You've read the blogs, listen to endless podcasts, and watched who knows how many videos on YouTube, so you know all there is to know, but yet you still keep looking. Alternatively, those mountains of advice have you so overwhelmed and confused you don't know what to think anymore. The truth is, the free advice out there is often, confusing, misleading, outdated, and often missing part of the solution. Mind Control seeks to clear everything up, lay it out simply & straightforward to give you a full picture of what it really takes to gain control of your mind, body & gut. 



The health & fitness industries are filled with books & resources that seem to promote and sell 100 different supplements, gadgets, and who knows what else. Leaving you feeling overwhelmed at the idea of going out and purchasing the entire list, and disappointed because there was far less of what you were hoping to learn to make room for it all. While I certainly have recommendations for certain products, I wanted Mind Control to be about the facts and research, rather than just another industry average. 

Instant Access | 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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With Access To Top Scientists, Researchers & Experts In The Field, You'll Discover

How to increase your energy so you're firing on all cylinders

How to obliterate brain fog, fatigue & improve cognitive performance

How to build a robust immune system to fight off stress & illness

The secret to optimized brain health, focus, and clarity

The science of managing your weight by managing more than what you eat

Extinguish the fire blazing through your body & brain

But above all else...

Discover what we've learned from the top minds in the field of Nutritional Psychology & the Gut Microbiome, from MIT, Perdue, Stanford, Harvard Lifestyle Medicine, UT Austin, University of Maryland, University of Western States, Dalhousie University as well as the founders of Thryve & The Gut Institute. 

And how to put it all together based on your personal gut identity


13 Brand New & Exciting Chapters Packed Full of The Latest Research to See You Reclaim Your Body, Brain & Mood

Who Is Controlling Who?

The Next Frontier To Human Biohacking & Why We Should Care
Our thoughts and actions are not all controlled by our mind and free will alone. In fact, research is showing just how much influence the trillions of guests we have residing in our body plays in everything from why we choose to eat certain foods to our emotions.

What You Have In Common With Angry Hampsters

Your Built-In Survival Mechanisms & Your Gut Type Explained We may have evolved past our prehistoric ancestors, forced to fight for their survival, yet our bodies and brains haven't. Inbuilt triggers fire, often without warning, to protect us from what it perceives as a threat to its existence.
When we understand these, and how our unique identity plays a key role, we have the chance to take back control and avoid these potential derailments on our performance.

The Riddle To Your Gut Microbiome

How Your Gut Microbiome Got Here & Why It Might Not Be Well We take a look back to the very beginning of our life and the influence everything from our birth, childhood and everyday actions come into play in the creation and evolution of our microbiome not to mention everything that can cause it to become upset, wreaking havoc on the rest of our lives.

When Your Gut Goes Sidways

The Overlooked Impacts on Your Gut Microbiome & Overall Health Just about everything we do from sleep to stress has a very real impact on our gut microbiome and in turn our overall physical and mental health. Being aware of these arms us with the power to make choices that ultimately control how much energy, focus, and positive feelings we experience.

Nutritional Psychology

How Food Affects Your Mood What we eat is not as simple and straight forwards as it seems on the surface with a myriad of factors over the years, that contribute to why we'll reach for specific foods. But even deeper is the effects that certain foods have over our thoughts, feelings, mood & emotions.
Get ready to understand the real relationship you have with food.

Your Brain On Fire

How to Protect Your Body from the Daily Onslaught of Inflammation A natural and essential biological response, inflammation occurs in everyone. But when the switch gets left on and the inferno is left to rage on unchecked, the implications to our health, both physical and mental, can be catastrophic. That's why it's vital to know what's fueling the flames and how to extinguish them.

The Hormone Cover Up

The Puppet Masters Affecting The Way You Handle Stress, Weight Gain & Performance Out of control hormones are not just the problem of adolescents, pregnant and menopausal women. These unseen powerhouses are responsible for so much more in our body and when things aren't running as smoothly as they should, the storm that follows can leave a trail of destruction in its path.

Healthy Gut, Happy Mind

Feed Your Second Brain to Fuel Your First The health of our body & the health of our mind are intrinsically linked so when one is running on empty or pumped full of poor quality fuel, the other's performance suffers, often till it can't handle the pressure leaving you feeling flat, lifeless, and with no idea why nothing you do works

The Diet Conundrum

Why Managing Your Weight Is More Than What You Eat Diets come and go every other day, and for good reason. Most fail to consider underlying factors that influence how our body uses the food we eat and even more try to use some gimmick or fad to get 'fast' results, rather than focusing on sustainable healthy food choices. It's time for a new perspective.

What The F*@#Should I Eat?

How To Re(treat) Into Food & Make It Your Friend

The more we know about the importance of a healthy gut, and just how much can influence this vital ecosystem, the more pressure many of us feel to 'get it right'. And with so much information to digest and make sense of, many get so overwhelmed at the prospect of where to start... they simply give up. That's why we've pulled together all the information in the book to provide you with the best solutions for you to get started with, regardless of where you are on your gut health journey.

Food Addiction

It's Not You It's Science

The food industry knows we need to eat, but besides increasing the population the only way it can keep growing is by us eating more. And they have developed some unbelievable ways of ensuring we do

Lifting The Veil

The Hidden Invaders Destroying Your Hard Work If you're eating well, but still feeling like hell, then it's time to take a deeper look into what you're eating. Everything from pesticides, to medications and GMOs, can be undoing all the hard work your putting in. And unless you know exactly what you're looking for... you could be inadvertently consuming more than you intended.

Your Seemingly Impenetrable Armor

Your Immune System Explored

A healthy immune system is more than just popping a few vitamin C tablets in the morning. With various layers to this complex system, much of which is located within the gut, caring for and ensuring it's running at its best is just another reason why creating a happy, healthy gut should be high on everyone's priority list.

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Instant Access | 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Unstoppable Made Waves, and The Follow Up is Set To Shake Things Up Further With Even More Latest Research & Strategies

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"If you're running on determination alone yet running in place or sliding backward, this book is your meaty, eye-opening, & well-researched guide to hacking your brain & your life to launch yourself forward. Ben shares his personal & dedicated journey, leading us to a detailed blueprint on how to hack our own brains to become Unstoppable"

Former ABC Television Executive, Cofounder of AccentHealth, Alzheimer's Association Legislative Advocate



"Unstoppable is a must-read. This unique book dives into how fatigue & brain fog can halt your success, why the willpower argument provides endless guilt rather than results, how to tailor your body to target both well-being & wealth, & how to safely & naturally biohack your body & brain for a greater life. I've not read anything else that gets to the heart of what Ben shares."

International author, PCOS expert, Chiropractor, Nutritionist and experienced clinician

Siglia Diniz.jpg


"I highly recommend this book not as information on alternative treatments but as the basis of future discussions on the conditions of your wellbeing with your healthcare provider, so you can look for the right assessments, treatment & professionals that will help you become the productive & happy person you deserve to be."

Physician, MD, MPH, Harvard Graduate in Public Health, Trained Physician, High Performance Coach



The Next Biohacking Frontier & Why It Matters

Exposing The Role Of Nutrition & Our Mental Health

Understanding Your Gut Identity & How To Use This to Personalise Your Health 

Who's Really Controlling Who? Do We Actually Have 'Free Will'?

Understand Nutritional Psychology & How Food Impacts Your Mood


How Our Thoughts Can Affect & Alter Our Genes

Why This New Diet Trend Could Spell Disaster for People With Depression

The Inbuilt Survival Mechanisms Impacting Your Performance


We Interviewed Top Experts In The Fields Of Nutritional Psychology & The Gut Microbiome To Bring You The Latest Strategies To Heal Your Gut & Heal Your Mind

Do We Have Free Will? Making choices and taking actions you know are not in your best interests may not just be poor judgment or lack of willpower. (Chapter 1) 

The Role of Nutrition on Our Mental Health. New studies and research is shedding light on just how many mental health issues can be caused by poor nutrition and our gut's health. (Chapter 1) 

The Bug-Brain Personality Paradox Just how much of the hormones & neurotransmitters affecting our mood are created in the brain itself... The answer is less than you'd think (Chapter 2)

How Did My Bugs Get Here In The First Place

The way in which you came into this world is more than just a feel-good story your mother tells, it played a major role in the formation of the microbiome you have today (Chapter 3)  

Over The Counter Drugs & Their Harmful Secrets Even though you don't need a prescription doesn't mean they can't cause dramatic damage to your gut & impact other vital functions (Chapter 4) 

Your Brain On Fire While a vital function of the body, when inflammation is left unchecked, it's like a vicious storm unleashed on your body & brain (Chapter 6)

Make Your Mouth and Gut Happy When it comes to healing and protecting our gut, your mouth plays a key role, and not just for the food you put in it (Chapter 6)

The Silent Killers In Our Midst Eating well but still feeling like hell? It could be any one of the many toxins found in everyday items around the home wrecking havoc on your hormones (Chapter 7)

Bacterial Strains Driving Mood Enhancement Imagine popping a pill that could affect your mood, but without the negative side effects some anti-depressants cause. It's almost a reality (Chapter 8)

The Next Generation of Health Supplements Getting all the essential vitamins & minerals needed for optimal performance is not as easy these days, but this growing trend is making it easier... when you know how. (Chapter 8)

Managing Your Weight Is More Than What You Eat We're all bio individuals with our own unique needs, which is why not all diets work for everyone. Uncover what else you need to consider if this is your struggle (Chapter 9)

It's Not You It's Science Finally understand the 'magic' behind those uncontrollable cravings and why it's near impossible to "just have one" of anything these days ( Chapter 10)

Eating For Your Identity? With so much free (and conflicting) information out there, on top of what we've covered here, it's perfectly natural to be thinking "So, What the F*@# Do I Actually Eat?" ... But rest assured, I've got you covered (Chapter 13) 

Instant Access | 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Your Digital Copy of Mind Control Comes With Hundreds in Bonus Resources

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How to Boost Your Immune System Checklist: Give yourself a fighting chance against colds, viruses & allergies by boosting your immune system through your gut microbiome. VALUE $49.95

Printable Daily Planning Pages:  Taken straight from The Unstoppable Journal, the first of its kind to focus on biochemical & psychological factors required to become a peak performer. VALUE $29.95

Special Video Masterclass: This 1-hour presentation explores the game-changing approach and Ultimate 4 Step Framework to getting your body, brain & life back. VALUE $97

Masterclass Workbook: We've even made it easy for you consolidate all the lessons and take aways from this detail driven masterclass with a downloadable workbook to help you follow along throughout the class VALUE $47

JUST $7.99

Instant Access | 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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If Any Of These Sound Like You, Then Mind Control Was Written For You

Seeing thousands of our members telling me their stories of how they have big goals, but their physical health and mental clarity was holding them back from making the changes they knew they needed to make. Mind Control, seeks to understand how to overcome each of these, by focusing on the key to unlocking each of these areas, a healthy thriving gut.  


Plagued with low energy, constant fatigue, and recurring digestive issues like constipation, bloating, diarrhea, but none of the generic advice or solutions make a difference. 


Fighting to get through the day as you battle brain fog, overwhelm, stress, anxiety & depression taking control of your life, making you feel like a slave to your own mind.


Seeking out the latest fad craze and 'silver bullet' diet, you've tried everything but never seen lasting results, instead, beating yourself up for being weak and a failure  


Unstoppable Changed Lives & Received Worldwide Praise, Imagine What The Next Chapter Will Bring

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Instant Access | 30 Day Money Back Guarantee



The Author Recommended by Doctors, Psychologists, Health Experts, Best Selling Authors & Even an NFL Player

With over 15 years experience working in the personal development, branding & marking industry, a bestselling author of 3 game-changing business, personal development & marketing books, online course creator & VIP contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine, in March of 2017, all of this began to suffer as I became severely depressed.


I was experiencing severe brain fog & fatigue & it didn’t matter how much personal development work I did, it never stuck. I had enough of the misinformation & watching people suffer, so I went on an extraordinary 90-day mission to biohack my mind & body back to health. I traveled the world to interview the top neuroscientists, psychologists, doctors & biohackers & what I found was staggering.

I traveled the world to interview the top neuroscientists, psychologists, doctors & biohackers & what I found was staggering. This is precisely why I'm now on a personal mission to share with others the groundbreaking strategies I uncovered to help them live their best lives.

The result was my groundbreaking book, Unstoppable. Having sold more than 70,000 copies worldwide and winning the 2020 International Book Awards for Best Self-Help Book, it has helped to change lives internationally and address mental health disorders with a new, unique, and comprehensive approach that is now recommended by health professionals globally.