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The Biohackers Guide to Superhuman Focus

Do More, & Stress Less... in 14-Days!

A complete focus & productivity workshop designed to 10x your results by activating your 'Motivation Molecule'. Using my proven system you’ll become faster, sharper, more productive, and unstoppable. Based on proven strategies in biohacking & psychology that have been praised by doctors, psychiatrists, nutritionists, & athletes internationally.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Get your FREE

digital copy of "UNSTOPPABLE"

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Science says 92% of people don't achieve their goals. Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you were in the top 8% of people who do?

I used to struggle to focus, & I put off tasks & projects in fear they wouldn't pay off. But those days are in my past. I went from struggling to achieve my goals to writing 3 books in 3 years, overcoming depression & anxiety, & generating over $2,230,398 in sales.



It all started by activating my 'Motivation Molecule' & developing an easy-to-implement 9 Part Protocol of Superhuman Focus that anyone can apply.

But first, let's see if you're in the 92% of people that fail to reach their goals. If these sound familiar... It's time you decide to join the top 8% of high achievers.

You never achieve the goals you set for yourself, because you don't have the energy to pursue them

You end up wasting hours on social media, a habit you're having trouble breaking, & lose yourself in distractions (at home or at the office)

You're frustrated that outdated productivity & time management courses don't factor in what happens to your brain when you're burnt-out


You feel emotionally & mentally burnt-out because your mind never "turns off"

You're constantly tired & overwhelmed by stress & it's causing brain fog, & fatigue

You're always busy, but your bank account is sitting on empty. You don't know if you can keep going anymore


By activating my 'Motivation Molecule' I was able to write 3 books in 3 years & generate over $2.2 Million in Sales

Your ability to focus & drive your goals will dictate how successful you are every time. And, if your brain chemistry is out of balance due to chronic stress, poor dietary habits, sleep deprivation, & endless deadlines, you'll be sitting there with your foot on the accelerator, without realizing you have your handbrake on!

To release your handbrake, you need to do this...

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Have you ever experienced a total state of flow when you wanted to achieve a goal with so much passion & certainty that NOTHING was going to get in your way?

You were unstoppable!

Time stands still, hours, days, and weeks have passed & you've achieved something that you can be truly proud of. You feel confident & self-assured with an endless supply of energy, drive, & motivation.

Great examples are athletes, bestselling authors, entrepreneurs, & CEO's who activate their 'motivation molecule' with purpose. This floods their brains with dopamine, a neurotransmitter that boosts their focus, keeps them motivatied, helps them sleep, & helps them to strive to be their best.


Sounds too good to be true?


Hang tight.


Because I’m about to show you exactly how after having helped tens of thousands internationally biohack their way to becoming unstoppable.


But first...

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee


MOST productivity & time management courses fail to activate your 'Motivation Molecule', in fact... they can downregulate it!

Typical productivity courses encourage the "hustle-until-you-die" culture that relies on brute force which results in burnout, instead of more efficient, & precisely directed methods that keep you going long after others have given up that optimize brain health, mood, & focus.

Low dopamine levels can lead to fatigue, mood swings, an inability to focus, & the BIG TWO, a lack of drive & motivation.

Dopamine gives you your spark & zest for life, whereas these 3 strategies will zap it!


You simply can't force yourself to focus

Forcing yourself to focus can create negative neural connections that can lead to negative behaviors & resistance to a goal that can sabotage your efforts for a life-time, even if it's a goal you desperately want. There is a far more effective & efficient way to train your brain to focus, & it takes just minutes to apply.


Willpower is a high price short-term strategy

Willpower is a useful tool when deadlines need meeting, but, if you're using it on a daily basis, you'll end up suffering pure mental exhaustion that can lead to burn-out, chronic stress, & yes, even depression, if it's not managed. The more you work, the more willpower you need & the less productive you become.


Pushing a depleted brain to work at full capacity, won't work

You'll never get it firing if it's running on empty. Your brain is a powerful super computer, but like a computer, it needs multiple things in place for it to function at its highest potentional, including a consistent fuel source, & the replenishment of key neurotransmitters that aids in mood, drive, focus, & concentration.

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 8.20.46 AM.png

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

...that's where the Biohackers Guide to Superhuman Focus comes in

Life has been turned on its head in the past few years, not only have we experienced life-altering changes, we've encountered stress to a degree we never deemed possible on a worldwide scale.

For some, it's meant job loss, closing their business for good, dramatic career shifts, and the end of relationships, all of which result in chronic stress.


Research has told us for years that chronic stress impairs brain function by disrupting synapse regulation. This results in a lack of sociability, & avoidance of activities, while it also kills brain cells and even reduces the size of the brain. Chronic stress also dampens dopamine production.

Right now, for many, it's a time of make or break, the problem, they are making decisions, and trying to focus while in a state of fight or flight. This means they make decisions in a state of panic, instead of purpose.


The truth is, we must learn to effectively manage stress and understand how we can optimize brain performance, memory, mood, focus, and concentration using brand new and advanced strategies at our fingertips that are designed for the world of today.


As you make your way through this interactive workshop, you'll pinpoint what's destroying your ability to be hyper-focused, while learning how to train your brain for the new world we live in. 

And the best part is, you can do it all without burning out or breaking down

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Here's your exclusive look at The Biohackers Guide to Superhuman Focus

Hit play now! Then, before the timer runs out, click below to join the program so you can get access to the workbooks, audio programs, Free copy of Ben's bestseller, Unstoppable, & your very own PERSONALIZED Biohackers Superhuman Focus Protocol that adapts to your changing needs.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Here's what superhuman focus feels like when you activate your 'Motivation Molecule', the key to superhuman focus

"I wake up feeling energetic & ready to tackle whatever the day throws my way!"

"I'm finally ready to take on my BIG goals because I not only have the focus to do so... but I have the energy to last the distance."

"My energy, drive, & motivation has been heightened & I can stick to my schedule."

"I stopped procrastinating because my brain fog has completely lifted & I'm free to focus."

"I prime my brain every morning using the FRF Method, which means, I jump into new projects without fear of failure."

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

A goal isn't worth the paper it's written on if you don't have the energy to pursue it... & it ALL starts in the brain

They tell you to...

  • Manage your time better

  • Toughen up & just get your work done

  • Plan out your schedule & stick to it

  • Stop getting distracted by social media

  • Only focus on what matters most


But what they don't tell you... that a goal isn't worth the paper it's written on if you don't have the energy to pursue it & you don't know how to boost drive, focus, & motivation by optimizing brain health. Their outdated approaches simply don't work if your brain is operating in a nutrient-deprived state, is plagued with brain fog & fatigue that's caused by chronic stress & neuroinflammation, & is dopamine depleted.

How did I develop superhuman focus?


In 2017, after fighting my way back from depression, I went on to write a 1st and 2nd edition of my bestseller Unstoppable that's sold over 80,000 copies, & write my brand new book Mind Control... all within the space of 3 years!


How? After speaking with doctors, neuroscientists, psychologists, & experts in gut/brain axis research, I formulated my own protocol for superhuman focus that quite literally can be applied to any goals, task, or project so it gets done on time every time.

But, better than that… it didn’t just help me, it’s helped tens of thousands worldwide. Doctors, psychiatrists, social workers, and nutritionists now use my approach in their practices to get their patients firing on all cylinders.

And, it comes down to 3 simple steps you can take...

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Recommended by psychiatrists, doctors, clinical social workers, nutritionists, and even an NFL Player & New York Times Bestselling Author


Introducing, The Biohackers Superhuman Focus Formula

People don't want to attend long & exhaustive courses on time management, focus, & productivity, they want to learn what they need, apply it... & get straight to work!


They also want a personalized approach that is unique to them & uncovers unique biological/psychological attributes that destroy their focus.


And that’s why I created this special workshop, to help you achieve Superhuman Focus in 3 simple steps.

STEP #1: 

Test Your Focus


Avoid feeling panicked & confused as to why you can't focus & you constantly procrastinate by using our ADVANCED Find Your Focus Score online tool that pinpoints your precise sticking points based on psychological & biological attributes in seconds that turndown your 'motivation molecule'.

STEP #2: 

The 9 Mechanisms of Superhuman Focus


You see a threatening to-do list that's as long as your arm... yet you're calm, cool, & collected as you tackle them like a pro, all thanks to learning these 9 little-known mechansisms of Superhuman Focus that you can access anytime.

STEP #3: 

Follow Your Personalized Protocol


In just 7-days of using your very own Personalized Protocol that you get when you attend this workshop, you'll move towards your goals effortlessly & easily because you understand never-before-shared scientifically proven principles to training your brain to focus, while turning up your "motivation molecule," so you can do your work without fear & stress getting in the way.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

With The Biohackers Guide to Superhuman Focus, you'll start each day feeling sharp, energized and focused

By learning from someone who has a proven track record for helping tens of thousands globally, and practices what he preaches

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Screen Shot 2020-06-20 at 5.39.09 PM.png

30 Day Money Back Guarantee



The Biohackers Guide to Superhuman Focus Workshop

Pinpoint what's causing scattered thinking, emotional overwhelm, and an inability to focus 


...then use our proven protocol to achieve Superhuman Focus

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you're not satisfied with Superhuman Focus for whatever reason, you're covered by our no questions asked 30- day 100% money back guarantee

Here's everything that's included:


  • “Superhuman Focus” Workshop (value $197)


  • “Superhuman Protocol” Workshop (value $197)


  • "Personalized 30-Day Plan" (value $197)


  • BONUS #1 FRF Method - Audio Download (value $47)

  • BONUS #2: Focus Fast Checklist (value $97)

  • BONUS #3: Brain Boosting Nootropics - Your guide to natural nootropics that can help to reduce stress, ease anxiety, regain focus, & increase energy. (Value $29.95)

Total Value: $764.95

Today's price: Just $19.95

Here's exactly what we'll cover during the Superhuman Focus Workshop that will activate your brains capacity to achieve


9 Mechanisms of Superhuman Focus


5 Little-known productivity mistakes rookies make that destroy their focus & flow (once you pinpoint these, you'll release the handbrake holding you back)

How to boost neuroplasticity in a few simple steps that will enable you to work distraction free for hours at a time so you can make headway on those BIG goals of yours

How to increase your energy, drive, & motivation by unlocking the secrets to your "Motivation Molecule" (you'll never feel unmotivated again!)

How to rid yourself of mental exhaustion, brain fog & fatigue by targeting the unique causes of neuroinflammation that kneecap your psychology every time

How to take a ridiculously simple step to boost "cognitive flexibility" that will see you multi-task like a pro (every day distractions will fade into the background)

How to avoid panic & confusion by managing your cortisol levels (your stress hormone) so stress doesn't destroy your day, week, month, or year

What you need to know about the role "metabolic health" plays in your ability to concentrate & have stress-free & energized days. (Every productivity course should teach this, but they dont!)

How to fix a "sleep deprived" brain by learning how to use the natural nootropics that are already in your fridge & pantry right now


The Superhuman Focus Protocol


You'll take a 60-second quiz to unlock your "Instant Implementation Personal Protocol" that's designed just for you & takes into consideration the psychological or biological stress that's affecting your brain function right now

The FRF Method that I have used to write 3 books in 3 years (270,000 words), & how you can apply it to anything to turn your stress response "off" so you're free to focus  (includes free audio download, just pop your headphones in & start reprogramming your brain in minutes)

How to get ahead when it feels like the whole world is against you, your back is against the wall, & every step feels like you're walking through quicksand

Download one of THE MOST POWERFUL brain training exercises that you'll ever experience that will boost your focus, flow, & concentration so everything feels effortless (it takes just 10-minutes per day, it will help you sleep better, stress less, & help you get more work done in 4hrs than 8hrs)

How to change your brains negative perception towards projects, stress, deadlines, & traumatic events (cough! cough! the past 2 years) so you never feel like giving up again (10-minute brain training activity)

How to master Focus & Flow by compelling your brain to enter specific mental states, but more importantly, how to pair them with the task you have in front of you

You'll get everything you need to pinpoint what's causing your procrastination, inability to focus, loss of drive & motivation so you can do more & stress less within 14-days

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 6.23.53 PM.png

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


When you have Superhuman Focus... you have energy to burn

When you have big projects to complete & you have deadlines to meet, sometimes it can be hard to see a way out and the little stuff trips you over.

Don't worry, I've been where you've been. I've got your back.

BONUS #1: 



Just like an athlete works out their body in the gym, you can work out your brain at home. This unique audio program uses the same techniques that athletes, billionaires, & high achievers use to mentally rehearse their goals coming to life... while ridding themselves of self-doubt & fear.

BONUS #2: 



The Focus Fast Checklist is the ultimate guide to superhuman focus. You & I both know you have no time to waste... which is why this checklist will highlight key areas that will have the biggest impact on your ability to focus & concentrate for hours at a time (without wasting hours learning outdated productivity & time management practices that weren't built for todays world)

BONUS #3: 



Did you know you have foods in your pantry & fridge that helps to boost key neurotransmitters that are in charge of mood, energy, & focus? This guide will have you feeling focused in 14-days flat!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Ben's helped tens of thousands of people through his books, Unstoppable & Mind Control, now, he brings this information into an interactive workshop that will obliterate procrastination, distractions & stress. 

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Screen Shot 2020-06-20 at 5.41.35 PM.png

30 Day Money Back Guarantee



The Biohackers Guide to Superhuman Focus Workshop

If you're not satisfied with Superhuman Focus for whatever reason, you're covered by our no questions asked 30- day 100% money back guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Here's everything that's included:


  • “Superhuman Focus” Workshop (value $197)


  • “Superhuman Protocol” Workshop (value $197)


  • "Personalized 30-Day Plan" (value $197)


  • BONUS #1 FRF Method - Audio Download (value $47)

  • BONUS #2: Focus Fast Checklist (value $97)

  • BONUS #3: Brain Boosting Nootropics - Your guide to natural nootropics that can help to reduce stress, ease anxiety, regain focus, & increase energy. (Value $29.95)

Total Value: $764.95

Today's price: Just $19.95

These strategies have been worth over $2.3 million to me (& counting), what could they be worth to you? $5,000, $10,000, or $100,000 plus!?



You'll have a personalized protocol that could slash 15 hours off your work week so you have more time to sit back & enjoy your life



You'll have energy to pursue passions you've put off, it could be writing a book, studying, reading, meditating, or starting a new business



You'll increase your earning capacity by 10x your results by applying an adavanced "focus" protocol that adapts to your needs



You'll have the tools to make incremental, step-by-step changes that last & that you can use for the rest of your life... wherever your career or business path takes you



You'll have a new found & lasting sense of confidence that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to because you know how to recharge & replenish yourself every day.



You'll have a structure so you can work from home without getting distracted while having the clarity, energy & drive to balance your personal life & look after your health

Join a NEW Breed of productivity workshops that activates your 'Motivation Molecule' & gives you Superhuman Focus Today!


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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