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EPISODE #2: How to Stop Making Excuses

Join bestselling author, Ben Angel for the 60-Seconds to Unstoppable Video Series

Excuses are directly tied to your biology

We hear gurus shouting for you to quit making excuses. For my new book Unstoppable, I looked at an excuse as a symptom of a deeper problem. What I discovered by looking into neuroscience, psychology & biochemistry is that, when your physical energy runs low, your primal brain kicks into self-preservation mode where it preserves any energy you have left over for vital bodily functions. In this state, your primal brain sees your ambitious goal as a threat to life because it will use more energy than what you currently possess. Lack of sleep, nutritional deficiencies & food cravings can switch on self-preservation mode.

So, next time you’re making excuses, ask yourself, is it a lack of willpower or do you simply lack the energy you require to complete the task. Increase your energy & watch your excuses slip away with ease. Telling someone to simply quit making excuses, ignores the biological factors that come into play.

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