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EPISODE #1: Why You Should Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Join bestselling author, Ben Angel for the 60-Seconds to Unstoppable Video Series

To Compare Yourself to a Peak Performer is Ludicrous

If you were to take a peak performer & deplete them of vitamin d, they’d become depressed. To accurately compare yourself to high achievers, you’d need to not just look at their mental frameworks, you’d also need to assess the biochemistry that supports that high performing psychology. The two are intertwined & can’t be separated. And, yet, we have a culture that only looks at one side of the equation & ignores the other entirely.

Having a nutritional deficiency that impairs your ability to think clearly is like starting 10 steps back from the starting line. Applying psychology will only get you to the starting block but not beyond, resulting in an inability to get ahead. Becoming a peak performer isn’t just about managing your emotional state at a psychological level, but at a biochemical one because that provides the energy for your brain & you to perform at your best. Biohack your body first, & the mind will follow.

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